Drew & Courtney

Drew & Courtney

She loves his eyes, his sense of humor, and the way he makes her laugh. He loves how she’s always happy. And I love that they traveled from Navarre Beach to share this lovely afternoon with me. We walked the nature trail, splashed in the water and hoped that somehow the sun would pop through an otherwise cloudy and overcast day. But even without that, these beach dwelling, sunset everyday people were content to just be in our neck of the woods saying there would be plenty of sunsets for them at home.

They whispered, giggled, hugged, and loved throughout the evening and allowed me into their relationship in such a free spirited way that the entire session became so natural. All of this was so extra special because she is the daughter of my childhood friend. When Courtney’s mom, my friend, first called me I became so excited as she told me all about Courtney and how she felt we would connect. The next few weeks and further conversations with Courtney proved that to be so true. She’s happy, full of life, a little bohemian, a little hippie, a little beachy and just everything that draws me. I hope that over the course of their engagement while Drew is away on deployment she’ll be able to hold these images dear and near to her heart. I just loved these guys and pray beautiful things for their future.


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