Our upcoming road trip and a little bit about summertime

Our upcoming road trip and a little bit about summertime

Some of you friends know we’ve spent the last year planning for our dream of trekking across the country via rv. The more we dreamed, schemed, and planned, the more it truly feels as though the dream has moved towards us. I’d love to say that it was all born out of a desire to live wild and free which in theory sounds so beautiful but instead it has been a time of realization that eternity is closer than any of us can know. A long year of holding hands while watching my mother suffer and eventually succumb to cancer leading into the further travesty of torn family relations, eye opening deceit, and a total reevaluation of what is important in this life has led me to make decisions about what I want life to look like when I reach the end of the road. I have wrestled long and hard and experienced an array of emotions during this course of healing. It’s been an internal battle, one that I knew I could not continue to wage or engage, causing such fearful thoughts of the past and future. Great faith has brought us to this launching place. Nothing else. A choice to see the beautiful story.

Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story.
{Cheryl Strayed, Wild}

As providence would have it, we lucked up on a deal of a camper. Nothing fancy but all in great working condition. So we brought her home and began to make her our own.













Recently, we took a short weekend trip to test everything out.


And everything seemed to work just beautifully 🙂


So here we are on the ten day count down to launching our great voyage. And it’s taking all kinds of courage and faith to just take the leap. It’s the moment we find out if all those cliches are true. It’s the bravest I’ve ever braved.

Now, with all our dreams laid out here in the open for you, this is also my way of saying I will be away for the month of May and will resume business on June 10th. All of this has been such a growth period for me and what I’ve found is more and more of myself and what I hope for in my art. I’ve held back from things for the past year that felt uncomfortable to me and instead have spent time delving into those that felt right. I’m excited that this time has opened up my creativity to what it is that makes my heart happy and I have more direction and a focus.

I’m looking forward to the summer season. The same way a child does when school is about to end for the year and the days become full of play. That’s always been my favorite. So very many childhood memories from summer time. I sometimes wish I could just grab one my most favorite memories, blow it into a bubble, and live in there forever. Do you have memories like that? I wish that for every child. I wish barefeet, swingsets, dirtroads, flower picking, bike riding and monkey bars for every child. I wish for them memories that last forever of those days. I wish them books of images so they can always feel that youth. I’ve discovered through past sessions that often my little clients are experiencing these youthful things for the first time… and I am always delighted to be a part of this childhood season. So this summer, I’m following my heart on these yearnings for childhood summers. Here’s a little happy video that speaks to all of this. Though I will be away, I will continue to schedule for the summer and respond to messaging as wi-fi is available in the woods 🙂 Thank you,friends, for being here.

“Look for God, suggests my Guru. Look for God like a man with his head on fire looks for water.”
{Elizabeth Gilbert}

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    I just cannot put words to how proud I am of you and all you have accomplished. I remember trying to be encouraging when you started delving farther into your craft, honing your skills. I told anyone who would listen how amazing you are. Your thoughts are always so thought provoking and prolific that I was always just a teeny bit jealous of the amazing gift of creativity and insight you have. I can read your journals and blogs all day. Your videos that you put together always make me tear up, so touching. This is going to be an amazing journey and I am so happy for you! I will look forward to seeing, hearing and reading all about the awe inspiring adventures you uncover as you make your way across the heartland with your love! God Bless your journey with all that's good and keep you safe! You are loved by many and I am so honored to call you my friend! Sunshine, Smiles, Love and Hugs always!!!!

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